Getting Over Stage Fright

I was nervous to attend last night’s workshop, which covered story telling and public speaking. Like many people, I’m not the biggest fan of speaking in front of groups so telling a story to a huge group of people I never had met didn’t sound like my ideal Monday night.

However, it turned out to be a really comfortable experience because all the activities put everyone at the same level. We all worked to build skills such as confidence, talking to unfamiliar people, and tone/pitch variation, but we did it through activities that required complete participation. No one was singled out so we all felt very comfortable and warmed up to each other quickly.


The workshops are designed with activities to help us develop useful skills that will allow us to stand out and bring innovation to our current and future work regardless of our career choice. The aim of these workshops is to give students of all backgrounds (sciences, liberal arts, business, etc.) an opportunity to develop their creativity and innovative thinking through fun and interactive activities while enjoying a delicious (free!) dinner.

I definitely suggest checking out the last two University Innovators workshops. The series will host a workshop on Creative Problem Solving on Monday April 13th at 6 PM (sign up here) and Laughter Yoga on Monday April 20th at 6 PM (sign up here). As always, dinner will be provided at both workshops!