It’s All About the Networking

Consider the best ways to find an internship.

You can apply to any relevant internship that you come across, but this method stretches you pretty thin. You can only devote so much effort and time to each application.

You could also apply to a select few internships. On one hand, if you don’t put any effort into researching the company and cultivating relationships with target employees, you’re leaving your chances up in the air. On the other hand, if you carefully select these internships based on your relationships with each company, chances are that you’ll get an offer from these companies.

Just as these cultivated relationships can influence your success at obtaining an internship, non-profits can leverage their networks to serve people more effectively.

Jane Info Graphic

Jane Wei-Skillern, our NewDay key note speaker to kick off the Graduate Student Social Entrepreneurship Symposium, will discuss her research on this idea. She truly pushes for non-profits to concentrate on networking rather than general expansion.

To read up more on Jane’s research, check out one of her articles.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn a few tips to apply back to your internship search.

Come hear Jane Wei-Skillern present TOMORROW at 6:30 PM in Richardson Memorial Hall Room 201 and attend the graduate student SISE symposium on Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM in Flower Hall.