Read This Tween’s Open Letter To Our Anti-Feminist Enemy

At this point, if you are a feminist you are probably aware of the absurd squawkings of Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-ERA, hyper-conservative, anti-feminist activist–her most recent offense being an op-ed authored for the Christian Post about how us poor feminist are going to die alone if we get equal pay…Well, there is a young woman who wants to say something about all this. Her name is Madison Kimrey, and she is a twelve-year-old political activist that speaks and thinks like a grown-ass woman…Kimrey is obviously not one to take a back seat when an adult makes some nutzo claim about her generation, or bashes a cause she is passionate about. So, she penned an open letter to Schafly about how damaging her very backwards claims are to young women, and the fight for a more equitable future.

Check out the full piece, with excerpts of Kimrey’s amazing response, here.