Size Discrimination Exists In Your Favorite Stores — You Just Might Not Realize It

Check out this positive interview with plus-size activist Nicolette Mason by Michelle Persad addressing the fashion world and its views on women who do not fit the “ideal” body type:

If you’re not already familiar with Nicolette Mason, you’re going to want to memorize her name. The graduate from Parsons School of Design began her career at a brand design firm; but her keen interest in clothes and runway trends inspired her to launch a personal style blog on the side in 2008. It wasn’t long before she was recruited to contribute to big name sites like Refinery29 and write for magazines like Marie Claire. Since then, the freelance writer-cum-editor-cum-designer has worked with Vogue Italia, Chanel and Dior, just to name a few.

But it’s actually her work as a plus-size activist that has garnered the most attention. Lucky for us, we got to chat with the Los Angeles native about how she managed to break into fashion and whether she takes issue with the term “plus-size” in the first place.

Full interview here.