Launchange Pilot Program


The initial concept for Launchange was born in late October of 2012, founded by Ethan Levy. The idea has developed tremendously, and after 12 months of discussion and planning with mentors, Launchange is ready to transition from concept to implementation.

The Launchange team was founded by Levy in 2012, and in 2013, he found technical co-founder Sam Lensgraf. Together, they have built a team consisting of many devoted individuals. There are four computer science interns working on product development, two graphic designers working on web design, and six volunteers working on market research and community outreach.

Launchange is an online platform that connects students at universities across the country so they can more easily find local talent, form teams, and build businesses that make a difference. We offer opportunities for experiential learning in social entrepreneurship for students solving problems in the fields of Education, Environment, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health by connecting them based on their academic studies, project skills, interests and ideas. In sum, Launchange connects social innovators, facilitates their collaboration, and promotes their work through its navigable network so they can more effectively solve our world’s problems and inspire their fans to engage in the process of social change.

Pilot Program

Launchange is currently working on scaling our operations and focusing on supporting a handful of ventures. We are searching for three early-stage, student-led social ventures with which to partner so we can pilot test our new program. We are asking for applications and, if chosen, we will devote our resources and energies to help you build your team! If interested, consider applying to become one of Launchange’s three startup partners!


  • Launchange will help market your venture throughout school
  • We will help market your team-building needs and identify interested candidates
  • Launchange will assist you in producing a promotional video and logo


  • Must attend at least three “LaunchTulane” events to pitch your idea and network with others
  • Must be an easy-to-contact effective communicator
  • Will consistently present promotional material for Launchange to disseminate
  • Must register your business and teammates on the platform once it is released
  • If Launchange makes at least one meaningful connection for your venture, you will provide a testimony for Launchange to be used as a success story

Application Details

1. 2-page business portfolio containing the following

  • History, business concept, current team, mission statement, specific goals – one paragraph on each
  • Three specific team positions within your business that need to be filled – what are your team needs, what tasks must they complete, and what are the benefits of these positions?
  • Due February 21st

2. Interview

  • To be scheduled with Ethan ( after business portfolio is received