Learning to Podcast & Lifting the Voices of Others

Amidst my last semester at Tulane, I was able to take Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s “Narrative Podcasting” workshop. Over five weeks, I learned the secrets of audio storytelling, sound editing, and interviewing.

This workshop is the first step towards producing my own podcast. With my best friend and co-host, Emma, I hope to create “In Tuition.” This college-themed podcast will be all about questioning and the traditional 4-year track of private higher education. But our twist will be looking at private education through personal journeys.

Each week, “In Tuition” will highlight a college student or alumni that had a tumultuous journey through undergrad. Focusing on one topic a week, such as grants, admission, or mental health, Emma and I will speak with the guest about their experiences with this topic, personal realizations, and advice for future and current undergrads.

To finish Berkeley’s workshop, I had to submit a 10-minute podcast rough edit. As a narrative workshop, this podcast had to include an interview and over six tracks of sound. Crafting this project was my favorite part of Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s “Narrative Podcasting” workshop. I was able to do a mock interview for “In Tuition” with my dear friend, Benton. A pic of Benton and I (as well as the rough podcast draft) are located below.

As I continue my career in storytelling, I hope to better learn digital marketing tactics. In Berkeley’s workshop, it was challenging to create knowing your creation may not be heard because of its placement in the world. So, I hope to better learn search engine optimization and other marketing skills in the future. These skills will help me place “In Tuition” and other projects in front of those who need and want them most.

This summer, I will be producing 10 more episodes of “In Tuition” with top-of-the-line equipment from an NTC Grant. So, be sure to tune in!