Student Org Spotlight: The Tulane Academy Politics Speaker Series fest. Erin Spears

Taylor sponsorship recipient Tulane Academy of Politics hosted Council Utilities Regulatory Chief, Erin Spears for its October edition of its Speaker Series. The Tulane Academy of Politics is a nonpartisan political organization intended to spread basic political knowledge and foster political engagement. The purpose of the speaker series is to engage students of all political backgrounds in the open and honest conversations that are essential in making change.

On October 17th, 2019, the Tulane Academy of Politics(AOP) hosted its annual Speaker Series. The purpose of the Speaker Series is to bring in industry professionals on campus to facilitate the political interest of students from diverse political backgrounds and beliefs. Erin Spears spoke to students, outlining her current role as the Council Utilities Regulatory Chief and how her past experiences positioned her for success in her field. Ms.Spears talked to some of the new initiatives in New Orleans policy to become more energy-efficient as well as some roadblocks her office is currently facing, in which she emphasized the importance of civic engagement outside the scope of voting. Ms.Spears spoke truthfully of her experiences as a black woman operating in a male-dominated space. The conversation did not stay serious, Ms.Spears’ comical sense of humor bled through as she recounted her story of meeting Bill Clinton for the first time while working as Policy Directory on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The crowd was very receptive to what Ms.Spears and walked away having learned the overwhelming importance of civic engagement as well as the varying levels of impacts that local and national government hold over citizens, explicitly relating to part-time residents, which most college students are. The program was a great success, special thanks to our sponsor, the Taylor Center. The Tulane Academy of Politics(AOP) looks to continue its Speaker series and expand its programming efforts. Please follow @tulane.aop on Instagram to stay up to date on the lastest AOP events.

Chief, Erin Spears recounts her experiences working on the Hillary Campaign.
Students listen in as conversation begins with Council Utilities Regulatory Chief, Erin Spears