Who Wants to Be A Taylor Center (Changemaker Institute) Fellow?

Here’s the last post in the series where I will give an inside peek into what life is like as a Taylor Center social innovation fellow.

I’m sure many of you have noticed a couple marketing pushes on this blog, on our Facebook page, or in our newsletter surrounding the Changemaker Institute. For those who don’t know, the Changemaker Institute is a 7-week incubator program in which students can develop a social venture.

Throughout the semester, our fellows have developed the curriculum for the program, coordinated speakers, market the program, run the workshops, and ordered all the delicious food, of course.

I checked in with one of our current CI fellows, Elias Garcia, to ask him what he thinks about his experience thus far: “Serving as an Undergraduate Fellow for the Changemaker Institute has been an unbelievable experience. My work in organizing and facilitating the Changemaker Institute has given me the opportunity to further hone my understanding of important business lessons, while allowing me to use my strengthened foundation of social entrepreneurship to further the passions and business aspirations of my peers, ensuring that the businesses of tomorrow are being led by knowledgeable leaders who are passionate about making the public good a focal part of their visions for the future. I am excited to apply both the tangible skills and interpersonal expertise that I have gained from working with the Changemaker Institute towards my work in environmental justice, creating positive change that is culturally conscious, meaningful, and impactful. ​”

If you’re interested in the marketing fellow position, check out the position description and application. Applications are due this SUNDAY!