It’s pretty widely known that Tulane offers undergrads the many unique opportunities to participate in social innovation programming, including earning a minor in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. However, there’s not as much social innovation programming for grad students. Programs, such as Fast 48, are trying to change that by connecting grad students to social innovation programs and ideas at Tulane.

The program, led by Laura Murphy, is a 48-hour design thinking boot camp that will build your skills in human centered design and design thinking to help you tackle those social challenges you are passionate about. For a full explanation of the program, check out the pamphlet here.

Don’t think design thinking necessarily applies to you? As grad students, you all are passionate about some sort of topic, whether that’s public health, business, the sciences, or more. Design thinking is a process that helps you take this topic (your inspiration) and generate and test ideas (ideation) to use in the real world (implementation). To learn more about design thinking, check out this article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.


Apply by this SUNDAY March 15th! Check out the application here. The $40 fee covers food,, drinks, and workshop materials.