The Best Non-Profit Most Have Never Heard Of

Simply by looking at the leadership page on RARE’s website, you can see how much the employees stand behind the mission and practices of RARE. This support is how RARE has been dubbed the “best non-profit most have never heard of.” Just to reconfirm its awesomeness, RARE was rated #26 of the Top 500 NGOs by the Global Journal.


As CEO, “Brett leads RARE’s organizational development, covering everything from strategic planning to program development and fundraising. Under Brett’s leadership, RARE has expanded to 5 continents and reached 6 million people; formed worldwide partnerships with the leading environmental NGO’s; and received four straight Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards, which honors organizations that combine savvy business models with solutions to pressing social needs.” (From FastCompany)



RARE works with the local partners to customize their plan for change and trains them to become change makers in their own communities. However, RARE does follow basic guidelines for creating this action plan. First, the company offers a two-year-long masters program for local leaders, where they study in their own language and design a campaign for behavior change in their communities. Then, the local leaders participate in an apprenticeship and develop a grassroots marketing campaign to reach every member of the community. The goal is to teach community members that their surrounding environment is unique and to create a desire to protect it.

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Want to know MORE? Come hear Brett Jenks (CEO) present as a NewDay Speaker on March 9, 2015 in Freeman Auditorium.