Meet Tomorrow’s Work on Purpose Facilitators!

Tomorrow, Green Wave Market’s Claire Beauchamp and CELT-SI’s Becky Otten will facilitate our next WoP workshop. Because the theme is “Take Perspective… Someone Else’s,” I thought I’d ask them about their perspective on facilitating these workshops! Here’s what they said:


I got involved with Work on Purpose last year mostly out of obligation- I needed a leadership training to go to and it seemed somewhat interesting and there was free lunch! But when I started going and realized how focused on self assessment and motivation it was it really felt like such a good fit for me. I do so much and having an hour or so set aside to look back at that and think about it more thoroughly was definitely needed. I’m excited about getting more facilitators involved, especially students who have done the workshops. Even though I don’t have all the aspects figured out entirely that we discuss in the trainings, I feel like that perspective is a good one to have in the room- especially on the facilitation end. I hope that I can help someone else realize that these trainings are important steps in the larger process of understanding what you want to do and how you can get to the person you want to become.


I think the most important part of the Work on Purpose series is that it gives students space to reflect and connect. The Work on Purpose workshop and lunch helps some students start thinking deeply about questions that matter, while it helps other students continue to find time for reflection in an otherwise busy week. I also notice that students connect with each other in a different way over lunch – they often have many similar interests and goals, but they’ve never met because they are in different majors or different graduating classes.

Every time I facilitate a workshop, I learn something when students share their experiences and perspectives. It also helps me re-center and focus on what really matters rather than what’s just urgent this week. These are skills and practices that we need to cultivate throughout life to find purpose and balance. It’s never too early (or late) to start, and it’s always good to keep practicing.

Register here on orgsync and come by Flower Hall tomorrow at 12:30 PM for free lunch and deep self-reflection.