5 Ways to Find a Social Impact Experience on Campus

1. Follow CELT-SI Channels

Over here at CELT-SI, we’re constantly hearing word of new opportunities, events, and thought leadership. We want you all to hear all about it so we spread the word through a few channels. So, subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow this blog to get the scoop!

2. Join a Socially-Minded Student Organization

If you become active member of one of the countless organizations we have on campus, you’ll gain a different perspective and hear about the latest news! Check out TEDxTU, Divest Tulane, Green Club, and any CACTUS organization, just to name a few!

3. Attend a Social Innovation Programming Event

If you don’t want a weekly commitment just yet, you should tip your toes in with a SISE event. There never seems to be a week that goes by without a SISE-related program happening. Next week, keep an ear out for PitchNOLA, our NewDay Speakers Series, and TEDxTU.8f17ff451e84e37b5d20ccca8a40d13726e0ac33

4. Sign Up for a SISE Class

It goes without saying to start off with the intro class. I took my first SISE class this past semester, and I really enjoyed learning about a line of thinking different from my own! Plus, it’s a great way to get your first tier service learning out of the way; I did mine with Grow Dat and I thought it was well-thought out and fulfilling for both the community partner and my class!

5. Visit the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking (2nd floor of Flower Hall)

Phyllis M. Taylor, chair of the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation and a member of the Board of Tulane, donated $15 million to establish the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking; “the goal is to move Tulane to the forefront of universities engaged in solving social problems.” To read more about the logistics, check out this article.


So, stop by to check out the space and talk to SISE teachers. Some of them are always around to chat!

Bonus: Get involved with a local social venture (not exactly on campus, but in the NOLA community; plus, what’s social innovation without a change in perspective?)

Grow Dat and Humanure Power are some of the more famous ones that you should check out!


Written by Anastasia Tencza, CELT-SI Social Media and Marketing Fellow