Build your Social Media Skills

With new job openings popping up every day with responsibilities that include overseeing the company’s social media presence, creating media content across various platforms, and communicating important updates utilizing social networking tools, it is clear that employers expect new graduates to have the skills to plan, execute, and maintain social media campaigns. Interested in building your social media skills to beef up your resume and make you a more competitive job candidate? If so, this class is for you!

Tulane is offering a brief, three-credit summer course entitled New and Social Media Boot Camp (SPHU 3240-01). This class, which contains a lab component, will run from May 19th to May 30th and will provide students with hands-on training and practice in creating campaigns for public health and health clients. Come practice with the experts! In just two weeks, you’ll be able to add new and social media skills to your resume! While the course is a public health elective, it is open to minors and non-majors.