A Summer of Action with Global Citizen

Alexa is a Changemaker Catalyst Award recipient majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science and Public Health. She interned with Global Citizen to develop skills and gain knowledge from leaders in the nonprofit industry. After her experience this summer, she is confident the world is one step closer to eradicating extreme poverty.

This summer, I had the privilege to intern for Global Citizen in New York City. Global Citizen, formally known as the Global Poverty Project, is a nonprofit social action platform aiming to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030.The organization works alongside leaders, politicians, activists, and artists to create awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

As an intern, I worked for the Global Policy and Advocacy team with a focus on Women and Girls. I had the opportunity to write grants and request funding from foundations including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Caterpillar, write summary reports on policies holding back girls and women from reaching their full potential, and attend high profile meetings at the United Nations Women.

What makes Global Citizen so unique is that during key leadership summits, such as the G20 and United Nations General Assembly, Global Citizen puts on the Global Citizen Festival to create an advocacy platform for Global Citizens to highlight issues important to citizens across the globe with world leaders by their side. I worked closely with my team to put together the agenda for the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany alongside the G20 Summit meeting in July. At the Festival, artists and advocates raised awareness of Global Goals while CEO’s, business leaders, politicians and Prime Ministers pledged over $706 Million in commitments to reach Sustainable Development Goals. It was incredible to watch the Festival come to life and raise awareness on key issues such as education, women and girls’ empowerment, food security, sanitation, and more!

Coldplay headlined the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, alongside other artists including Pharrell, Shakira, and Ellie Goulding. While Germany was a bit far to travel to, I did get an unexpected internship perk back in the states! After the Festival once Coldplay started their tour across America,  I was asked to attend the Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Tour at Metlife Stadium to recruit new Global Citizens who are passionate about eradicating extreme poverty! Chris Martin, Coldplay’s lead singer, has been one of Global Citizen’s artist advocates for many years. As a strong supporter of our movement, Global Citizen is touring with Coldplay across the world to help create change for the greater good and awareness of Sustainable Development Goals.

We asked concert-goers to sign a petition calling on their local congressmen to protect the foreign aid budget. In one night, we recruited Global Citizens from all over and received 500+ signatures for the petition!

The Coldplay concert was incredible, and I absolutely love the idea that music can bring people together to support a great cause! Watching the Global Citizen Festival alongside the G20 in Hamburg come to life was very rewarding, and I am so excited to be back with my team to help out with the Global Citizen Festival in this September.  As an intern, I was honored to send invitations to Heads of States, world leaders, artists, dignitaries, and luminaries to the Global Citizen Festival in New York City alongside the United Nations General Assembly on September 23rd.

I was so excited to find an advertisement for the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park while walking near Macy’s in Herald Square! It’s so incredible to be a part of such a large movement for a greater good!


Although I am no longer an intern, I will continue to be a supporter of Global Citizen. Throughout my senior year at Tulane University, I hope to spread the word about Global Citizen and the incredible work they are doing to my peers across all different majors and study areas. I am confident that the skills, passion, and inspiration I gained from my summer internship will benefit me in all endeavors and I hope that I can remain a part of Global Citizen and the amazing work they are doing in the future!

P.S. to learn more about Global Citizen and take action yourself, click here!